Midnight in Paris

Midnight in paris was such a breath-taking movie. It seemed to me like an actual trip to Paris. It was an inspiration, it gave me a different point of view of how I see live and how people are out to live their lives. I loved the beauty of Paris and somehow when I was going out of the movie, I had this happy feeling, where I started to look at every street in my city as if it was beautiful as Paris was. Appreciation alone makes a lot of difference, it gives a sense of beauty and ful-fullness.

I loved the character in the movie, I love how he was positive about his hopeless relationship with his girlfriend. How she kept pushing him, criticizing him in front of her friends and how she made him worthless in front of her parents. But still, he managed to keep a smile of his face and keep it all going in a positive direction. He was never at all in any scene of the movie upset or mad. When a mericle happened to him where he started to go back in time, it gave him time to rethink about his plans and priorities of life and nothing at all could break his spirit.

I believe that every person need to be positive, That is enough to bring miracles to once’s life. For nothing in life is worth being upset about and for every problem there is a solution and when things are out of hand, believe that there is a reason behind everything that happen and God can take care of it all as long as you keep trying and focus on the important aspects of life.


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