November 9, 2013

November 9, 2013

What about here and now? Why don’t we just stop pretending and talk real? Don’t you know that its unwise to lose time? For time is all we have and time is here and now. You could keep pretending to be something that you are not. You could wish to be someone you are not. But you know it and I know it, truth is, you know who you are and who you want to be and who you want to be with. You know what makes you happy. You know what you need and what really matters. It’s just that your ego comes to you, flips up all your arranged thoughts, destroys what you have been aiming for into something which you are being pushed to do, influenced either by your society or your culture. It takes away all the meaning out of your life. You see, I believe in Allah. Ever since I was born, I was raised knowing Allah.I was guided. I was protected. I was blessed. And when it comes to religion, I do know what is right and what is wrong. I was seven when I was told that two angels are watching me, they are on each side of my shoulders. One is writing all the good deeds I do and the other is writing all the bad deeds that I do. I was blessed because I knew I am being watched and I am responsible for all my actions. I know that the heart wants and the mind wants. I did struggle between logic and emotion. Sure enough I made many mistakes. The biggest was trying to fit in. how can one fit? You were not born to fit! When your mother brought you to this world, you were perfect. Babies are born in a bliss. They never wanted to be anything that did not correspond to their nature. They did not pretend to smile or laugh. They did not pretend to cry. They smile because they are happy and they cry because they need something. Up until they grow up and watch the adults around them, do they change. They stop smiling as much. They stop crying as much. One reason is that they stop getting the same reaction they used to get when they did all that. So they start using their minds. Planning to get what they want by skill. They learn how to do many things. Whether they wanted to learn or not. They just did it to fit. While doing that, they stop being who they really are and what is really sad is that they stop living in a bliss. Because now their ego is pushing them to be better than what they really are. Telling them that they are not good enough and that they will not fit unless they change who they are and are meant to be. In the world few were blessed not to fall in that trap. Not to let anyone influence the purity of the state in which they were born. They grow up following what Allah has planted in them, they take care of it and keep it safe. In their hearts they know they are fine. They know that Allah will always take care and watch after them. Whether they pleased other people or stood up for themselves. When a baby is born, the first thing he does, is cry. He did not care what his mother or anyone thought about him crying. He demanded to be warm, held and taken care of. My point is, we should all put ourselves first. To know that the God who created us, will once take us back. He will asks us why we did what we did in this life. So before you do anything, listen to your heart. Think of the value of your actions whether they are big or small. When Allah created you, He gave you all the tools that you need to succeed and become the person who you were born to become. Don’t live your life ignoring who you are, to be someone you are not. Instead, be who you are, use what you have now, and always know that if you put Allah in your heart and listen to him, you’ll never lose your way and you will always be happy.


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