Seek Vengeance for Yourself or Seek Refugee from Others

In Arabic we say: “Be a wolf or be eaten by wolves.” I’ve been always puzzled by the words that need to be published and the words and the words that need to be hidden, and yet as long as the words are laced in a sweet innocent ribbon, you are out of suspicion, for all this society needs is more yes nodding heads people, with enough independency to live on their own, yet not too liberated to take the evolution theory too seriously. For once those tiny cells in your brain start moving, they won’t stop.

I find it degrading how we are related by blood. I find yours and mine far from holding the same DNA. Your heart and mine far from beating the same way. I find mine thrusting to thrive, and yours to decay. You see, since we do share that same DNA, I’m bound to look for and find faults in you. I’m bound to want to change you as much as you want to change me, to judge and hold you back as much as you are judging and holding me back. You’ve grown to hold this picture of who you should be, and not who you want to be, what you CAN be. You’ve became a trained machine that does exactly as programmed. Those thoughts aren’t yours my dear. They are planted in you, just like your behavior is planted in you. The way you move, they way you talk, they way you smile and even the way you suffer. I find you neither inspiring nor humbling, only living below your means.

And oh forgive my arrogance for whom am I to say all that. For at the end, we are humans, eager to contain our specie as it is, unchanged and unpolluted from the outside environment. Though we only give them another name, call them traditions and values. No matter how outdated they may be. We always love to knock our head with that stonewall that tells us we shall stop here and go no further. Acceptance of circumstances that no longer make sense, becoming proud of boundaries and limitations, and fighting for them when we feel threatened by an outsider. For now, you are either with or against us.


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