Free Your Mind

“What hurts you, blesses you.

Darkness is your candle”

– Rumi


Today is the day.

Once you have decided to let go of your past and aimed to take charge of your life and your future, you will be free.

Freedom is being able to make the right decisions for yourself and not having any limitations for what your aiming for. Most people hide behind authority to make decisions for them, because they are thinking that they are not able to make decisions on their own.

You are a complete human being, with the resources and qualities that can help you do wonders in the world. having to submit to pain and anguish will not only be useless, but also very harmful for you. What if you are able to use all that power that you are currently using aimlessly in torturing yourself to a higher power of developing yourself to the better.

If you ever thought of what you are going through. What is happening to you right now. Exactly what you are thinking right now and the reason why you are sad. Can you take that sad thought for a moment, now look at all the positive sides and all the negative sides that can come out of it. Take it for a minute and now think about accepting it, deep down in your soul to accept and let go. No body is born perfect and no one has a perfect life. Those bad days that you are going through only make the good days that are coming feel much happier and greater, it will give you a positive outlook towards the future.

Now, let us do an exercise; you see that thought that is now making you shake your legs and not smile, that thought that is bringing your soul down, that thought that is making you breath so slow, now shake it of! Think of something happy. Think of a good future. You always have the choice to be happier no matter what is going through your life right now.


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