Beyond Borders

You can build as many walls around you. You can keep as many walls as your religion and society commands you to build. And no matter how high those walls are, once they have fallen, and once you have been exposed to what is beyond the walls, you will never be able to look at the wall the same way as you used to before. For once you have crossed that border, your heart will know that there is more than stones and prayers. Once you’ve seen it, no matter how thick that wall is, there is this small window inside of your heart, and it will be there to remind you with every heartbeat, of the million possibilities and chances of the life beyond the wall. 

It is one thing to knock down your own wall, and another to have your walls knocked down from the outside. For what if you never needed to see what is beyond the wall? What if life on the inside included all the contentment you will ever wish for? Because once the outsiders have broken your wall, they will leave you shuddering and unsheltered. Then it’s not the same anymore. For your heart have been forced into seeing, unwillingly, and unwillingly your heart felt. Now you are left with a broken wall and even a more broken heart. So you are left to solve the mystery of who will redeem the fault of living?

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