He is at the hospital. The news are not so good. I’m not being told much about what is going on. Since my family thinks I’m alone and vulnerable at the wild western society of The United Kingdom. But I feel alright. There is some serenity knowing that he lived his life to the fullest. Seven children, forty grandchildren and great-grandchildren, twenty four of them holding his name – so far of course, there are always more coming.

He is a man full of empathy, who knew how to talk to all different ages, women, and men. The children mostly love him, they all know him, and they all worship him. He can relate and talk to you from an angle you did not know existed, to reach that spot that you thought was covered by an attitude that fooled your parents. He loved sarcasm, and he used it a lot to put his own children on edge whenever they were drowned by the problems in their lives, and feeling defeated by whatever is going on. A very practical man. He had a way of minimizing problems. For every problem has a solution, sometimes the solution is just to live with the problem until time takes part in the fixing process.

He was one of the few who had education amongst his peers, and the only whose sons all held university degrees. Of course they all had to be engineers, which was the requirement at the time, in order to find a prestigious job. He is a thinker, a planner and a doer. Even at his worst times, he always kept a positive attitude and was open minded to new ideas, never limiting himself to neither age nor culture.


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