Everything is Going to be Alright

How to be alone and be alright with it? Not many people would stop and ask themselves this question. This question only comes after one’s own thoughts and life events. Why do I need someone to be with me? Why can’t I be content with being with myself?

To understand more, know that I come from a family of nine. I’ve been living with them most of my life. Then when I went to collage, my sister came with me, and we had a big group of friends, that came from the same background and culture as we did. It took sometime to get out of some of those strings I’ve attached myself to. It took few years to finally burst out of that same religion and culture that once nurtured me, now hopelessly binding me. It took me sometime to realize it’s ok if I no longer belonged to the same place I came from. It took me sometime to believe that I’m alright despite all that.

Those days being alone seemed to be a sanctuary; it was therapeutic, almost like a prayer. Getting to know yourself better, discovering more about yourself, finding in yourself what you never found in others, knowing deep down that you were alright.

I was alright on my own so as long as I did not have too much of it. For like friends and family, I love myself to a certain point and then I would like to take a break and look elsewhere for fulfillment and excitement.

I took a test few days ago as a part of my company’s training program, that described my personality as ENFJ (Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging), that would sit me on a list with Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, and even “Daenerys” from Game of Thrones. I scored very little on being an Extravert, yet enough not to make me an Introvert. Somehow the results prove their validity and when they don’t, it’s only temporary or based on a certain circumstance.

In conclusion, what I understand now about myself is that I seek value with companionship, and if the value is not worth the time or effort, I never hesitate from taking myself away from it. Two things I know for sure, life is too short to be unhappy, and everything is going to be alright.


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