God. Are You still there?

You are still there?

Once I found You everywhere I went, now I cannot seem to find a way to You. You keep a distance, and I get lost following from behind, as I no longer see.

Are we still keeping our old promises?

Does heaven still exist and there I can be internally blessed?

And God, are we really internal, or is life a fleeting experience?

Is the soul sexless and Devine?

Were we ever meant to believe or defy?

Would we be punished for our fouls? And fouls, we fools, are full of them.

Talk to me, even through my dreams like once You used to.

Only now patience is not a virtue of mine, and the hours are too short to pray.

Yet I pray every morning, because when I wake up, I exist, and because I exist, I know that You, exist too.


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