This book will take you into a world you don’t wish upon your enemy. It’s a world of another level, with other people, almost another planet, leaving no room for empathy. I couldn’t put the book down, finished it in five days, I knew I was going to give it 5 stars from the first 30 pages of reading it. I was struggling to read at work, so I spent most of my time after work reading instead of exercising – now I’ll need to catch up! But it was worth it. 

What I loved about the characters in the book is that the personalities were expressed so explicitly and easy to fathom and relate to by the reader. Instincts, guilt, fear, jealousy, insecurity, self definition of what is right and what is wrong were incredibly profound. You don’t know why people do what they do until you get inside their heads. Until you go through that same experience and emotions that made them who they are and pushed them to do what they do. 

Humanity. It’s either something that you have in you, or something you need to develop. I’m not a humanitarian, but reading this book is a reminder that it’s not a choice, it’s an obligation as a human being to stand up for the less fortunate, in the minimal situation and the extreme, no matter the circumstances, to give in each and every way possible. 
The world of the less fortunate exists. That’s obvious. Just as obvious as we are oblivion to our own self of duty to towards minimizing it. It is unfortunate how shielded and distracted we are in a world where we’ve centered our self in, and saw everything else evolve around us. 
Eventually I hope I’ve learned something that I can carry with me and not to forget to always contribute and put myself forward in even the most minimal actions to make the world a better place in any way possible. 


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