Spring 2014

Desperado, she wasn’t the kind of girl with a smile of her face. She wasn’t going to make it all alright, and she wasn’t going to make you feel better about yourself. She does hold a treasure within her for those who know her and know how to reach out to that treasure and get the best of it. Those are the ones who appreciated her. She wasn’t going to give you her soul and heart. Not for a minute will she be bound to put you first. For she has been hurt before; she knows what not to do now. Those were the happy days. When she did not care to the unknown side of the pain that may or may not happen to her. For she thought it only happened in books and for the so unfortunate people, but not her, she was too proud; a god in her own pages. At least those early pages. Afterwards she is only a human – is what she realized. never give what you cant afford loosing. She will be fine now. For she still thinks she has something left to live for. She may have lost everything that was once literally everything, but she found hope, and hope she never thought she would need but now does. 


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