Ask for it

If you ever needed to ask yourself some questions that may help develop you, as if now you are coaching yourself. Looking at your life from a different prospective detached from any emotional baggage – that you know exist! – knowing and realizing that in your brain, once a question is asked you will always think about it continuously even while you are asleep, what would you ask yourself? What sort of questions can help you be the person you want to be in five years from today; how to give hope to yourself that a better future exists; how to treat yourself better; how to size the options rightly and get on with the right foundations; how to hold yourself high in times of doubt; how to grow wiser; how to know the right information at the right time; how to give and take; how to give yourself a better present moment; how to find the right ones and bond with them. How to be happy; how to live your life to your highest potentials; how to let go of what is not meant for you; how to forgive and forget; how to find peace and love; how to be fine; how to experience new things; how to be excited; how to progress; how to find beauty in the smallest of things; how read and write better; how to get myself do what is most valuable; how to be a better friend; how to be more understanding? This and more are few of my questions. Somehow I learned that in life questions are far more important than the answers. For life gives you many answers, but the right questions will always lead to the right answers. So go on and ask your heart contents out. 


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