Ask for it

If you ever needed to ask yourself some questions that may help develop you, as if now you are coaching yourself. Looking at your life from a different prospective detached from any emotional baggage – that you know exist! – knowing and realizing that in your brain, once a question is asked you will always think about it continuously even while you are asleep, what would you ask yourself? What sort of questions can help you be the person you want to be in five years from today; how to give hope to yourself that a better future exists; how to treat yourself better; how to size the options rightly and get on with the right foundations; how to hold yourself high in times of doubt; how to grow wiser; how to know the right information at the right time; how to give and take; how to give yourself a better present moment; how to find the right ones and bond with them. How to be happy; how to live your life to your highest potentials; how to let go of what is not meant for you; how to forgive and forget; how to find peace and love; how to be fine; how to experience new things; how to be excited; how to progress; how to find beauty in the smallest of things; how read and write better; how to get myself do what is most valuable; how to be a better friend; how to be more understanding? This and more are few of my questions. Somehow I learned that in life questions are far more important than the answers. For life gives you many answers, but the right questions will always lead to the right answers. So go on and ask your heart contents out. 

Those things

And there are things. Things that are not are not forever but for a while. There are things. Like emotions; they are bound to force you to feel and to act. Those things. One emotion leads to one action that can introduce some unplanned course of events. By then you are left on your own to analyze and ask what happened differently and then again you think how could you have attracted such a thing, for you are a normal person… but deep down it hits you; you are not normal because you are you. You’ve always known you were special. You know your heart and how good it is. Things happen because life would be stagnant without them. You know your soul and are the only one who can feel those deep scars of yours. Things happen to shape our vision, then we don’t seem to see the things as we did before. 


They say goodbyes are for the weak, those who do not love with their hearts. I say goodbyes are for the strong, those who’ve had about enough and knew it was time to let go. I whole heartedly bid farewell to all that I have no control over; to all that have been weighing me down; to a bittersweet past and a promising future.

Let it be you, or someone like you

Let it be you, or someone like you. I’ll carry the burden and I’ll fill the missing pieces. I’ll demand nothing but everything and expect nothing but perfection.

Let it be you, or someone like you. We’ll build the grounds and rise above them.

Let it be you, or someone like you; who knows how to break the rules and reclaim freedom.

Let it be you, or someone like you; who knows the world as well as I do.

Let it be you, or someone like you; who defies the odds and does the impossible and once again let there be no place to doubt loyalty.

Let it be you, or someone like you. Let the world find a place to fit both of us, and until then, let there be you, you alone.

Spring 2014

Desperado, she wasn’t the kind of girl with a smile of her face. She wasn’t going to make it all alright, and she wasn’t going to make you feel better about yourself. She does hold a treasure within her for those who know her and know how to reach out to that treasure and get the best of it. Those are the ones who appreciated her. She wasn’t going to give you her soul and heart. Not for a minute will she be bound to put you first. For she has been hurt before; she knows what not to do now. Those were the happy days. When she did not care to the unknown side of the pain that may or may not happen to her. For she thought it only happened in books and for the so unfortunate people, but not her, she was too proud; a god in her own pages. At least those early pages. Afterwards she is only a human – is what she realized. never give what you cant afford loosing. She will be fine now. For she still thinks she has something left to live for. She may have lost everything that was once literally everything, but she found hope, and hope she never thought she would need but now does. 


Why if ever a reason did someone need to grow out of their skin and please the unworthy. Why if ever a thought did anyone need to think twice about the unthinkable. I need a way out and I need a reason to have it out of my system. Grow a life inside of you. Grow a hope for the unfathomable circumstances and situations. Find a way to believe in yourself, a way to understand what you once found unbearable to understand. Let life take you to different places and introduce you to as different people as there could be. Let the soul of yours shine underneath all those rebels and fallen buildings. There is a sound that only you can hear. There is a voice that only you can speak. Let it all sound of beauty and strength, and sacrifice it all for one good cause.